Mahyad Tousi is a writer, creative producer, and media strategist working across story formats, genres, and platforms. His work includes narrative and documentary features, interactive art and media, serialized television, as well as Indie and blockbuster motion pictures. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of BoomGen Studios, the premier incubator and entertainment brand for creative content from and about the Middle East, the cradle of storytelling. Tousi is an Executive Producer on the new ABC series Of Kings and Prophets—BoomGen Studios’ Television debut.

After several years of working in conflict zones as a cinematographer, and on award-winning documentaries such as “Blindsight,” “Wasteland,” and “Some Assembly Required,” Tousi produced the micro-budget features “Marvelous” with Oscar®-nominated Michael Shannon and Amy Ryan, and “Looking for Palladin” with the late acting legend Ben Gazzara and Oscar®-nominated Talia Shire. Tousi has consulted on Disney’s “Prince of Persia,” Julian Schnabel’s “Miral,” TLC’s “All American Muslim,” Netflix’s Emmy®-winning documentary “The Square,” Disney’s “Aladdin on Broadway,” Jon Stewart’s “Rosewater,” Relativity’s “Desert Dancer,” Open Road’s “Rock the Kasbah,” and Gini Reticker and Abby Disney’s “Trials of Spring.”

Tousi speaks internationally on storytelling and the designed convergence of mass-entertainment, interactive media, and social impact. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son.

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